PointShoot Post #3: A Trip to the Farm

In keeping with the spirit of mindfulness, this series helps me to remember to show gratitude for what I may otherwise take for granted in my busy life.
It is a chance to reflect on those family moments that may otherwise get lost in the fast pace of everyday life and happen in between all the tears and tantrums that regularly occur too.
It’s about seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary.

My second ‘Point Shoot’ post detailed the ‘ups and downs’ of our family skiing holiday and this ‘PointShoot’ post is a record of our trip to the farm on the recent May bank holiday weekend.

‘Ups and downs’ remain a constant theme of family life with three children, including two year old twins.  And this weekend was no exception.

We made it to a farm on a blustery Sunday morning after having very little sleep the night before due to twin 2 not enjoying being in a travel cot at Grandma and Grandad’s house.

However, despite the sleep deprivation we all managed to have fun and the highlights were:

  • watching the excitement and surprise on the kids’ faces when our eldest was suddenly presented with a lamb to feed and when we realised just how hungry the lamb was and how forcefully she would guzzle the milk! Big bro did so well he got to feed a second lamb too.

Children feeding a lamb with a bottle

  • Watching twin 2’s delight at feeding bits of hay to the horse and seeing how fearless she was.
  • Seeing the three kids having a bouncy castle to themselves and having a good laugh bouncing each other around the place.
  • Watching how tenderly our boy held the baby bunny rabbit.  He loves animals and is so caring towards them….just like how he is with his little sisters too.

Our son holding a baby bunny rabbit

  • Having a giggle together when a baby owl shocked us all by flying towards us from his perch at the back of his cage.

I love May for its two Bank Holiday weekends and also being my Birthday month too.

What did you get up to last Bank Holiday Weekend and what are your plans for the next one?


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