Wicked Wednesdays #8: You can’t make an Omelette without breaking some Eggs…

…or so the saying goes.

So I guess that it was to be expected that one day my ‘angelic’ helpers, who love to unpack the shopping after a trip to the supermarket or, more likely, a delivery from our favourite online store has arrived, would be tempted to explore this idea.

And so here are the pictures to prove it.


I love that the twins want to ‘help’ me lots at the moment and I’m trying hard to give them as much independence as possible having fallen into the ‘helicopter’ style of parenting on more than one occasion with my eldest.  Therefore I guess that with this more ‘free range’ (excuse the pun!) approach there is undeniably more chance of this kind of thing happening.

Ultimately it is true that if we want to encourage our little ones to grow up into helpful individuals who can do things for themselves then things like this are to be expected.

So after I had muttered some choice words under my breath and reacted with a raised voice, I tried to remind myself that this is all par for the course and responded with a little more calmness and patience as per my mission to  be a more mindful mummy.

After all I can’t stay cross with these two for very long anyway 🙂 .



So from now on I will try my best to keep in mind that:

In order to achieve whatever goals we set ourselves it is inevitable and probably even necessary that some havoc will be wreaked along the way.


NB:  My Wicked Wednesdays posts (where I basically divulge to anyone and everyone just how messy our house is) are inspired by the fabulous Brummy Mummy of 2 and her encouragement of us to share‘real’ family photos.

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