PointShoot Post #2: How Will We Remember this Holiday?!

My second ‘PointShoot’ post is a record of our recent family ski trip to Flaine in the northern French Alps.  In the spirit of trying to live mindfully and attempting to keep an online record of ‘moments to be grateful for’ I’ll list some of the highlights from the week.

After all, as I stated in my first ‘Point Shoot‘ post, participating in this series is really a chance for ME to keep a record of our ordinary family moments.

So, first things first, here are some photos of the beautiful scenery that we were able to appreciate last week.

Mont Blanc looked spectacular in the April sun and as the pictures show the skies were a brilliant blue everyday.  One of the photos is from one of my favourite runs from the holiday ‘Fred’.  The snow was still really good, even though it was late in the season, as it’s one of the highest runs in Flaine.

Now on to the memorable family moments:

  1. Our eldest grew in confidence on the mountain throughout the week thanks to his excellent ski instructor, Adrien, and also because he made a friend, Arthur.  I was so grateful for this as he hadn’t been so keen on ski school last year and had been very reticent about going back.  It was lovely hearing him singing to himself while getting ready on the 3rd morning.  The class skied all the way down from the top of the mountain and he was very proud of himself for gaining his ‘snowflake’ badge and going on a red run too.  We even had our first chairlift ride together!Bode skier
  2. We also had some lovely ‘apres ski’ and were lucky enough to meet up with three sets of friends while on holiday.  Here is a picture of the kids ready to ‘hit the town’ one evening.  The girls LOVED wearing their sunglasses and twin 2 liked to ‘copy’ mummy by wearing them on her head when inside.  apres ski
  3. The twins also seemed to have lots of fun hanging out with their Granny in the mornings.  They loved going to the play room in the apartment block, saying ‘bonjour’ and ‘a toute a l’heure’ to the smiley receptionist and watching the birds on the balcony.  twins on the balcony
  4. Some ‘downtime’ courtesy of the new screens!

screen time

In the interests of authenticity I do feel the need to state there were tricky moments in the holiday.  As well as skiing with a young family being fairly tiring anyway:

  • The car broke down…..again.
  • Twin 2 was very frustrated about not skiing with us more and therefore had LOTS of tantrums.
  • Our eldest had a little tummy bug during the trip and so missed the first day of ski school.
  • Debates about Brexit weren’t avoided.
  • We came back to a poorly cat who I had to take straight to the emergency vet – luckily the antibiotics seem to be doing the trick!

However, having said all of that the holiday will be remembered as a happy time I’m sure.  As well as this, as a friend of mine said – skiing with young kids has to be viewed as an investment.  The payback comes when the kids become self sufficient, competent skiers who have fun skiing altogether with the parents on the mountain – fingers crossed!!!

Have you ever taken your children skiing?

Are you tempted?


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