Mindfulness And Me

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I’m so pleased you’ve found the time to visit my blog.  The aim is, first and foremost, to spread the word about the benefits of mindfulness; to show people how mindful living can be such a valuable way to approach life in this fast paced world.  hayley-and-family-30-10-15-96

I come at it from the perspective of someone who is juggling lots in life:

  • being  mum to 3 young children including toddler twins
  • being a teacher at a secondary school
  • being a blogger…..

And heaps more besides.  So I hope that people can see that if I can ‘fit’ mindfulness into my life – then anyone can.  It’s not just for ‘Hippies’ and ‘Buddhists’ as many people first think.  My posts generally have a mindfulness focus but are also about everyday life as a Mum and Teacher living in south-east London.

So let me fill you in a little more about #MindfulnessAndMe…

I first stumbled across mindfulness in 2012.

It was the summer of the London Olympics but it felt like I was performing my own Olympics everyday.  I was regularly beating myself up about being a bad parent to our toddler and having yearned to be a mum for years wanted to actually try and enjoy the day-to-day rather than to be struggling so much….

Tears and tantrums were emanating as much from me as from my ‘terrible’ two year old and so I went looking for something to help us all out.

Signing up for an 8 week course with a very nice man who’s name I’ve forgotten (not very mindful of me really!!) was my first step along the mindfulness road and there were definitely some bumps. 

Initially I was very sceptical but then I persevered and eventually embrace it.


Anyway, he and the Mark Williams and Danny Penman ‘finding peace in a frantic world’ book (their website has some great free meditations on as well) have definitely helped me and I try (and sometimes succeed) to live and parent as mindfully as possible.

This has definitely had a positive impact on my own well being and our family’s happiness.

Anyway, that’s the heavy stuff done. I started blogging in the spring of 2016 and have found it really helpful in keeping me committed to my mindfulness practices. 

I also hope others find the posts useful and interesting too.  I was extremely pleased to write a guest blog for Time To Change fairly early on in my blog’s life too.  I was also very excited to receive this summer’s TAMBA’s ‘Multiples Matter’ magazine through the letterbox where I had an article published.

TAMBA mag piece

Find out more about me from some of my guest posts for Katie at Mummy In A Tutu, Debbie at My Random Musings and Lynne from New Mummy Blog.

I am also a Huff Post blogger and you can visit my site here.


Thanks for taking the time to read this welcome page and I really hope you like the blog.  I’d love to know what you think so feel free to contact me or to leave a comment.



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