Inspiring Words From Jon Kabat-Zinn

I haven’t posted for a while as I have taken the pressure off myself when it comes to blogging in 2019 but I did just want to share this podcast that I happened upon a few days ago as it’s a great chance to get a real insight into Kabat-Zinn’s ideas.

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It’s just under 50 minutes long and was recorded when he visited London last summer.  It’s well worth taking the time to listen to as the ‘father of modern mindfulness’ (who I was privileged to hear speak in 2017) covers a range of points for discussion including:

  • young people and mindfulness
  • the criticism that mindfulness is just a fad
  • what really is mindfulness
  • mindfulness apps
  • can the feeling of fear be lessened through mindfulness


Here are some quotes that particularly struck me:

“There’s no way to fail at this if you are kind with yourself.”

“Fear is just a natural part of being human.”

“Put the welcome mat out for fear.”

“The first thing that you discover when you start to cultivate mindfulness is just how mindless we are.”

“Thinking is not all it’s cracked up to be.”

“Mindfulness is pure awareness.”

“It’s not about having some major insight or enlightenment experience…the enlightenment is right in this moment.”


I really recommend that you watch the Jon Kabat-Zinn Action For Happiness ‘Carpool Podcast’ here.


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