Summer (self) Lovin’

Here at Mission: Mindfulness HQ we’ve been trying, as best we can with ‘threenager’ twins in the mix, to slow down this summer.

To take things a little easier.

Prioritising ‘slower-living’ at the very least, as the ‘slow-living’ lane isn’t quite within our grasp just yet.

This means, of course, that there have been, and will continue to be for a few more weeks, less blog posts, less Facebook updates and less Insta interaction.

However, I couldn’t resist a little post encouraging readers to remember to keep practicing self-compassion during these long, hot days.

It’s so easy to prioritise loved ones and friends at this time.  The days become about activities with the little ones, and the evenings are for socialising more, while the nights are warm and light, or alternatively crawling into bed early due to exhaustion.

The summer holidays are certainly a chance for parents to be more present in their children’s lives – to play together, listen more attentively, and be with them.

However, the summer holidays are also a time when parents can feel like they’re losing their identity a little.  Lost somewhere among all the bread being buttered, the squabbles being diffusing and kitchens being constantly wiping down (or is that just me?!).

That’s why, as well as having a list of places to go this summer and a list of people to see; it’s a good idea to have a self-care list too.

This August my self-care list includes:

  • approximately 20 minutes of formal mindfulness practice most days
  • to get a decent amount of sleep (I’m aiming for 7 ish hours)
  • to do some physical exercise most days (something for me like pilates or a run)
  • a digital detox for a run of consecutive days

I also intend to be in front of the camera a bit more.  Instead of being behind it all the time.

You see I was reminded of Instagram movements like #putyourselfinthepicture and #mamaintheframe when my sister offered to take a photo of me with the kids and my Dad last week.

Now,  usually I would decline having my photo taken in a swimming costume.  But on this occasion, rather than internally (I would not vocalise these thoughts in front of the children) running through of all the negatives about my appearance, I chose to have the photo taken in order to celebrate a lovely family day at the beach.  Every photo is helping to develop a bit more self-love too.  It’s me telling myself ‘I am worthy to be in a picture’.  I’m choosing to do this this summer instead of reinforcing the self-critical channels in my mind that are so strong anyway and need no more help to be strengthened.  So if you see a few more photos of me popping up, it’s me practicing a little self-compassion and celebration.

Summer self-lovin’ if you will.

3 children, their Mum and Grandfather posing for a photo on a beach

We did get a fab photo of all of us looking at the camera but as I don’t share shots like that on the blog here is one of the pics that was taken when the kids weren’t looking ;-).

So here’s to more family photos with everyone in them this summer.

And here’s to a summer of self -love, self-compassion and self-kindness, call it what you will, as well as family fun too.

Have a good few weeks everyone.  I’ll pop back soon.

handwritten Hayley


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