Words About the Weekend #8

In my introductory post to this new guest series I mentioned that ‘Words About The Weekend’ is a chance to be a bit nosey about other bloggers and what they get up to on a Saturday and Sunday.

The questions deliberately focus on principles of mindfulness – self-care, being present, appreciation and gratitude.

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The eighth blogger to write a post for this series is Ross from Isablog.  I’ve only just discovered his blog and was blown away by it.  There is a rawness and emotion to Ross’ writing that I hadn’t expected.  Please do take a look.

So over to Ross to tell us more about his weekend rituals.

How do you usually kick the weekend off on a Friday night?

Honestly? Usually with a slightly earlier night than usual as I work virtually every single Saturday as I’m a postman. I know, that’s probably not the sexiest Friday night you’ve ever heard about, but that’s how it goes. Luckily I have a ten month old baby who’s usually asleep anyway and a wife who’s more than happy to get some sleep too. So I guess it works for all the family.

What do you usually do as a family at the weekend? Any regular activities.

Does the weekly food shop count? I’m making our life sound full of excitement with this one. But again, it’s the truth. Saturday I get home from work and we head out to do the food shop, which is actually something I enjoy doing. Again, I sound awesome! Maybe in the evening I’ll try and do a little less with the blog and we’ll sit there and try and watch a film. It all depends on what Isabelle (our ten month old) wants to do. If she wants to sleep, it’s time for a film, if she doesn’t, then I guess it’s time to play ‘inflict pain on daddy’ or some other sadistic game she seems to love.

What does your partner or another member of the family regularly do for you on the weekend that you are appreciative of?

In terms of the rest of my family, not a whole lot. Don’t get me wrong, if I wanted them to have Isabelle for a few hours so me and my wife could go out, then I dare say that they would. But ten months in and me and my wife have yet to be away from Isabelle at the same time, barring one time where we were both in work. It’s not like we really want to though, we love spending time as just the three of us, or maybe popping around my wife’s parents and spending some time there. So perhaps we appreciate having one night where we don’t have to do the cooking.


How do you fit moments of self-care into the weekend?

As I work on a Saturday, and actually really enjoy my job, I almost find that as a great moment for self care. Being a postman is an amazing job for resetting the mind and feeling relaxed. I get a good bit of exercise, a few short social interactions, and a lot of time with my headphones on listening to podcasts. Sometimes I won’t even use them and simply enjoy walking around with nothing going on. After that, I’m all ready to go with the weekend. But if I want, I know my wife wouldn’t mind me popping off to yoga, or simply letting me have some alone time should I need it. But usually I’m good to go.  

How do you make sure you slow down a little at the weekend? Or re-connect with the family if it’s been a busy week with lots of people doing lots of different things?
I guess our weekends are a little different. Like I said, I work on Saturday and sometimes my wife works a Sunday, so for us the weekend is often just another set of working days. But as my wife is back in work from maternity leave, having days off together is going to be a much rarer thing. So when they do come about we try to maximise what we can do and spend as much quality time together as we can. We know having all the family together for a full day is going to be rare, so it’s best that we embrace it and enjoy it as much as we can.
I love how Ross views his job on a Saturday morning and his honesty about juggling everything to maximise family time whenever they can.
Thank you so much to Ross for taking part in this guest series.
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  1. March 17, 2018 / 5:33 pm

    Very interesting. I think it represents a very typical family life that a lot of people can relate to. #thesatsesh

  2. March 20, 2018 / 3:56 pm

    It’s always interesting to have a nosy into other people’s lives. Walking is a fantastic way of keeping fit and freeing the mind. #THESATSESH

  3. March 22, 2018 / 8:44 pm

    #thesatsesh ooo I wanna be a postman, i just confiscate ear phones 🙂

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