The Saturday Sesh #16

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Welcome back to the Saturday Sesh linky hosted by myself and Lucy from What My Fridge Says.  This will be the last link-up before Christmas as Lucy and I will be taking a break so that we can finish off our ‘mock’ marking and generally enjoying some festive cheer with our families.  I would really like to wish all of ‘the Saturday Sesh’ community a very merry Christmas.  We will be back on the 6th January and look forward to catching up with everyone again then.

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My featured post this week is on a topic very close to my heart  – mental health.  It is by a blogger I hugely admire and is Our Rach’s concerns about history repeating itself . She writes movingly and honestly about her worries about her son.  As someone who is hyper vigilant about my own children’s mental health and constantly comparing them to me and my experiences, I can very much relate to this blog post.

Click here to find out who Lucy’s featured blogger was. Feel free to grab yourselves the ‘featured blogger’ badge!

So here’s the formalities…

#thesatsesh is the place to link up your posts when you have a spare few minutes on a Saturday or Sunday AND will also be the place to find some fantastic weekend reading.
If you feel you haven’t had the chance to give your blog the promotion it deserves over the last few days then this is the linky for you. Equally if you just love a linky and miss having many at the weekend to take part in then this is also for you!
The basics:

• It’s open to all bloggers, and posts of all different shapes and sizes are welcome.
• It goes live on Saturday mornings at 7.00am GMT and closes at 8pm GMT on Sunday evening.

#thesatsesh linky rules:
(we are teachers after all!)

You can link up to 2 posts, old or new.
Grab a badge! Please do add #thesatsesh badge to the bottom of the post you are linking up. You can do this by copying and pasting the badge code at the bottom of this post into the HTML area of your post. Tweet Lucy or I if you have any questions about how to do this. First-timers do find this a bit daunting sometimes.
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Comment. Sit back, relax (it’s the weekend after all) and share the love by commenting on some great blogs.
• #thesatsesh comment etiquette is to comment on one of each of the host’s posts, so one of my posts and one of Lucy’s posts and also to comment on the post directly before yours and the the post directly after yours. IF YOU DO COMMENT ON MORE… THAT WOULD BE AMAZING and you will of course go to the top of the class! Do remember to pop #thesatsesh in your comment so the blogger knows where you’ve come from.
• Any bloggers found linking and running will be put in detention!

The Optional Extra:

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