5 Highs and 5 Lows of Parenting Twins at 2 and a Half

Earlier this month the twins turned two and a half.  This milestone can only mean one thing.  We are right in the thick of the ‘terrible twos’ – times two.  Certainly there have been trying times of late.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence that, when my son was was about this age, I gave mindfulness another chance.  Give me a class of 32 Year 9s anytime, over 1 screaming, tantruming two year old; let alone two of them.

I certainly find dealing with the girls when they are ‘finding their will’ as well as looking after the needs of their older brother stretches me to my limits at times.  We do have lovely times and don’t get me wrong I am grateful for the family time we have together, but these are definitely peppered with frustrating moments where my patience is certainly tested.

So without further ado let’s consider the more challenging aspects of parenting twins at two and a half.

twins on the balcony

The Lows

  • The attempts to get BOTH of them dressed before the school run in the morning.  More often then not one, or both of them, is not playing ball.


  • The fights over a toy that can result in biting, hair-pulling or hitting and then the mortification when twin 1 does this to someone at playgroup too.


  • The multiple screams for me in the middle of the night ‘Mummy, Where are you?’ is a regular cry any time between 11pm and 5am and as they share a room there are times when they disturb each other (and also times when rather surprisingly they don’t).


  • The strops in the supermarket.  By both of them.  At the same time.  Recently another Mum (who I don’t know) saw them in the playground and said “oooooh it was you two I heard screaming in Sainsburys earlier”.


  • Trying to keep everyone together when we are out and about.  They are so quick and so determined about where THEY want to go that this can often mean them shooting off in different directions.


However, on the flip side I am noticing some lovely developments that have come at this stage too.

The Highs


  • They have really started to play together recently.  They like to play in the paddling pool together.  And have also started to play ‘doctors’ a lot together too.
  • They have begun to have real conversations with each other.  A few days ago twin 2 said to twin 1 “let’s have a chat” and they proceeded to sit together at the bottom of the garden and chat about who knows what!


Twin girls chatting in garden

  • They look after each other by feeding each other, reading to each other and reassuring each other when it’s bedtime and one of them is unsettled in their cot.


  • They often shower each other with kisses and cuddles.


  • They are really developing their own identities.  This was made obvious to me the other day when they were both VERY sure about how they wanted to wear their Peppa Pig caps!


Twin girls tree climbing


Can any other parents of twins relate to this?

Are there any ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ that you would add to this list?

Twin parent or not, what stage have you found particularly challenging to date?

Or particularly joyful?

handwritten Hayley

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  1. susielhawes
    July 19, 2017 / 7:39 pm

    Ah, i can’t imagine dealing with two of them! Miss Belle is roughly the same age and she’s been a handful, a bit less so the last few months, but definitely earlier this year, with biting and hitting etc. Thankfully she’s just about better at it now, although today i was told she pulled a girls hair at nursery! So not completely over it yet!! But you’re right, they are so fun now too. Miss Belle loves chatting away to me and I think it’s so cute they said “let’s have a chat!’ – adorable!! xx

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