Wicked Wednesdays #6: double trouble

 My Wicked Wednesday series a la Brummy Mummy of 2 (with my own mindful twist) continues with a photo that could be summed up by a phrase I hear  A LOT…..

‘Ooooo you’ve got DOUBLE TROUBLE there.’

In fact this statement was uttered to me again today as I was walked past a lady in the supermarket (oh what a glamorous life I lead).  I wouldn’t mind but both of the tots were asleep in their buggy so I didn’t really know what she was getting at.   I understand the sentiment and appreciate that people are attempting to show empathy and it is annoying lovely that strangers are trying to connect with me and my little ones with smiles, winks, knowing nods and so forth, all be it maybe in a slightly clumsy way, so I never complain about this phrase, however, I do often try and respond with something positive.   Something along the lines of: ‘yes, but double the fun too’!

But if I’m having a bad day I may just nod, smile along (weakly) and say ‘there’s a big brother at school too’.  This often stops people in their tracks, especially if I’m hearing the other favourite phrase people randomly proffer to me when I’m out and about:


‘You’ve got your hands full.’


Yes, I do have my hands full.  Especially, as is happening more and more at the moment, when the twins are up to mischief together (as per the photo below – I must add here that they pulled up the chairs themselves and started ‘helping’ me with the washing up on their own initiative – long may this continue I suppose I should be saying).


double trouble AM

However, I usually like to re-frame this thinking of ‘double trouble’ and be mindful of how special having twins in our family is (see my previous post on what fun we are having now they are 18 months old).  I think this quote sums it up perfectly and I may well print it out and stick it on the buggy for my next trip to the supermarket!



2 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesdays #6: double trouble

  1. Aww bless them, fx they keep that up and love to do chores haha. I get the ‘you’ve got your hands full’ comments all the time (Mine are 2 and 11 months), but like you say it’s not that bad, and it’s actually quite lovely! xx


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