Wicked Wednesday #2: “Dance Like No one is watching”

dance like

Another short mid-week post inspired by Brummy Mummy of 2’s ‘linky’ which is essentially a collection of real life parenting photos.  These pics are meant to be the antithesis of the slick, posed photos that people tend to post on their social media accounts to promote a certain image of themselves and their families (and I am as guilty as the next person of doing this on occasion too!).

This time I’ve gone for a more sentimental take on the #midweekmadness brief.  The photo is still very ‘real’.  Messy lounge (again!), random wires in the photos (not very Instagram friendly!) but it is a moment when neither child knows I am photographing them. A moment when a younger sister is looking up at her older brother in awe and he, for his part, is in a world of his own dancing around the living room like a loon 🙂

This was taken on a Friday.  Sometimes after school at the end of the week we have a ‘disco’ to celebrate the start of the weekend.  It may only last for 2 or 3 songs (I can’t keep up with all the jumping around for much more than this as I am soooo unfit) ‘Uptown Funk’ generally features and we all ‘let go’, have some family fun together and importantly ‘dance like no-one is watching’.


The message I took from this photo is that of course it IS important to ‘dance like no-one is watching’ BUT also importantly even if someone IS watching they will invariably be thinking something positive anyway, we musn’t assume that people are always judging us negatively.  They could well be thinking something along the lines of…. ‘Wow isn’t that person having a great time/busting some moves/absolutely fabulous’.

I wonder what twin 2 is contemplating about her big bro here?  Something adoring and admiring I’m sure.


Petite Pudding
Saturday Siblings

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