Wicked Wednesday #1: this is what selfcompassion looks like.

Want to see some photos of real family life?  The uber mummy blogger Brummy Mummy of 2 runs a ‘linky’ (it’s a blogging term but don’t worry too much about the terminology) which essentially is a collection of real life parenting photos from other parent bloggers.

These pics are meant to be the antithesis of the slick, posed photos that people tend to post on their social media accounts to promote a certain image of themselves and their families (and I am as guilty as the next person of doing this on occasion!).  These can be lovely to see but can tap into feelings of inadequacy if you’re already feeling a bit of a parenting failure that day.

So for a bit of fun and to celebrate reaching the ‘hump’ of the working week, I thought I would try and take part every so often.

This week’s photo shows what it can often be like in our household after a day at school and work.  The lounge is a mess and the kids are all glued to the goggle box (any ideas what they are watching, answers in the comments please if you know your CBeebies well!?), but hey I’m not going to beat myself up about it – I’m knackered, they’re knackered and they do lots of other things in their days too.  For me this is self compassion in action – giving myself a break around teatime and minimising the meltdowns.

What would a photo of your house show around teatime?

Go on be honest…mindful mummies don’t judge :-).

TV watching.jpg

If you would like to see more of these ‘real life’ parenting pictures go to http://www.brummymummyof2.co.uk/.


6 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday #1: this is what selfcompassion looks like.

  1. Love it! I felt so much better after chatting over my worries at the weekend, thank you. We have had some lovely evening after school this week, with a little bit of homework, a little bit of arts & crafts and a fair amount of Gogglebox 😀 Thanks xxx

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